COVID 19 Protocols

PLEASE NOTE: COVID-19 Rapid Test Kits are NOT available at this Library. They are distributed through the provincial library system, with which we are not affiliated.

The Zoé Vallé Memorial Library is open during seasonal hours. However, it will be a different experience than usual for those who use the Library, as there will be certain protocols that will have to be followed due to COVID-19 public health regulations.

Only one person at a time will be allowed in the Library to look for a book. If two or three people wish to visit the Library for viewing the rooms only and are part of the same bubble, you may come in together.

People must bring and wear a mask for their own protection, Library staff protection and the protection of others who may come after them. If you wish to touch anything (books), gloves will be provided. In addition, users will be asked to clean their gloves with hand sanitizer (which will be provided), at the entrance before touching books.

Social distancing must be observed while in the Library.

Returned books will be kept in isolation for at least 72 hours before being put back on the shelves.

The Library Garden will be open to visit, with a posted reminder to practice social distancing.

At the Lightfoot Tower, we will have a sign reminding the public to respect social distancing while going up the Tower.

We thank you in advance for understanding and for observing these protocols, which are in place to keep everyone safe.